Monday, May 11, 2015


Early in the year baby goats started arriving. Before we were ready we were milking, making cheese, and freezing milk. 

We make two kinds of cheese. I make a standard chèvre, which is like a tangy cream cheese. It can be flavored with most any seasoning, our favorite is onion and dill. Papa John makes farmer cheese, which is a simple uncured cheese that can be sliced or crumbled. He can't make it fast enough!

We have 9 goats left for sale. And once all these are sold we will be down to 20 goats, 2 of which are permanently retired.   If you take Sky (the only wether goat) off the list, that means 17 production animals which is a good number for maintenance. I'd be happy to sell two or three more, but we don't really have to. 

The chest freezer is full, and we are now putting milk into the upright freezer. I'll fill two shelves and then we will go into heavy cheese production, and put some of that away. 

Even the ducks have been busy, but I don't know if they'll actually be able to hatch. 

We also found the guinea hen clutch, so we have all their eggs in the incubator. I really want those to successfully hatch, since they are our major method of tick control. 

I got a good start on a garden this year. Kendra sent us a book on square foot gardening, so I decided to give it a try. I have tomatoes, yellow squash, lettuce, and spinach growing and the little kids are growing corn, carrots, marigolds, ans sunflowers in their tires. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bit by Bit

I'm organizing. It's going slow. But I'm making progress. 

All the brooms, dustmops, mops, dustpans, and so on are hung at the bottom of the basement stairs. I know where they are if I really want to use them. 

Since spring has sprung I have also moved the cat balls and cat food and water to the basement. That also means I can lock the cats down when Tim comes over.  

I was busy this weekend too. I pruned the hydrangeas, picked up about 4 bucketfuls of trash from the yard and gardens. Reworked the watering a buckets in the barn. Fixed the waterer in the goat yard. Shoveled and swept the sidewalks-still have to do something about drainage, but we are making a plan for that.  


Little Farmers

Seen yesterday around the farm:

Over here goats, you're supposed to meet me on the rock!

My goat wants a ride too!

Later in the day we took a buggy ride around to check on the daffodils coming up. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

This thing is awesome!

I've been researching cordless vacs for a while. I knew this one would be great, but was really agonizing over the price.  

Now that I've gotten it home and charged I'm glad I bit the bullet. This thing is fantastic. The first time I used it I completely filled the canister before I realized it. Even with a full canister the thing was still sucking like my big Dyson! I dumped the canister and kept going.  

 I have it hung inside the basement door. Easy to get to.  It does floors. It does throw rugs. Dust bunnies on the stairs are no more. The attachment with the brush head gets fan blades, log house cracks, and around the beams and wood trim of this house. My big Dyson is sitting in a closet lonely waiting for big cleaning jobs. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Winter farm chores

We've had almost a week of temps below freezing. I got used to bundling up to go out to do chores. Everyday, twice a day, I filled numerous cat litter jugs with hot water to take out to animals. But oh how the goaties love hot water.  I like to watch them stick their faces in the steam and slurp the hot water.  I like to do chores in the morning.  It's so quiet, all I hear is the crunch of snow as I walk from the house to the barn and the murmuring welcome of horses.  Trigger is always waiting impatiently for his breakfast and the minis jockey for position, whose bowl gets the first scoop?  I stop and fill my pockets with eggs and grab the chicken feeder to take to the barn to fill. The chickens, ducks, and guinea hens follow me until I bring the feeder back full. I walk down to the buck pen to feed the boys. Bosco and Ziggy meet me at the gate for a scratch around the chin. Sky and Kermit dance around the rubber bowl while I scoop goat chow for them. Before I go back to the house, I round up milkers and put them in the center barn stall so the farmer can go out to milk.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy 2015

Happy 2015. Long time no post! The holidays kept us very busy. Despite vowing no travel in December, we still did. We went to DC the week of December 5th for work. We also took the motorhome south for a week to Florida. I took some extra time off over the holidays, so that was nice.  We had a little Norfolk Pine for a tree, now a houseplant in my living room.

We have baby goats! In January, which was so not the plan. We usually hold off until March but Ziggy had other plans.  Right now there are 5 little bucklings, no doelings yet, that we are bottle feeding. The kids of course are having a blast with them and this year Mikey learned to use the lamb carry. Doesn't he look proud of himself!