Friday, October 31, 2014

A Little Princess

Every little girl, at least once in her life, should have a princess dress made especially for her.  This one is Holly's.

Simplicity.  Or so the package said. 

It took an entire evening to figure out the bodice inset.

Another evening to figure out those puffy sleeves. 

We were getting worried.  Two and a half days for the skirt. Not just a skirt, a built in slip, a skirt, and a fluffy overskirt.

Next came yard after yard of hemming. And a belt to finish the trim.

The finished product.

The princess in all her finery.

And little skeleton buddy

Random Playtime

Cheesecake Factory

A couple of weeks ago we were in the DC area yet again. We got lucky enough to reconnect with some old friends and meet up at

Yummy food, but even better company!

This is us with Ed and Barb Modzelesky.  Had not talked to them since something like the early '90s!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Seen in Florida

Little Buddy

We took little buddy swimming, or tried to the other day, but the pool was closed. 

So we went to Dario instead.

When little buddy comes down to take a nap, he always wants a snack first.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

While the Farmer Was Away

John made a quick trip to St Petersburg to help his Dad out.  This is what went on while he was away. 

What are you doing in your messy kitchen Holly?

I'm cooking of course Nana, you silly. 

Dooley got his head stuck in a ball. After I rescued him, I took that toy away. 

Pups were lazy as usual. 

Andy and I tended the hydroponics. 

And snappy dressers roamed the farm.