Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring Time Porch

We are still having the occasional coold night here and there, but spring is definitely here to stay.  We are really enjoying the fire ring. Just for fun, here is a picture of Panzy with a tiny saddle on her back. You can see in the background how the trees have filled in.

We have also been working on sprucing up the porch. I have two tables with painter tops and chairs, it makes a very nice place to sit and eat dinner.

Next mission is to spice up the wrought iron furniture and get new cushions for them

Then I'll be ready for summer porch sitting.

I have a new milking assistant. Mikey can take over at any point during the process.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

More Improvements

Now we have a dedicated patio/fire ring.

Here I am taking advantage of the first test.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bridge Under Construction!

They are still working on the bridge. The kids and I took a ride down to check on the progress.

The sign says it will reopen March 31st!

We are ready for it to be done!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Fast forward!

Fast forward to the next weekend!

The three babies in the backyard are doing great. Now we are waiting for the next batch.

I have been making a sweater for every kid, which actually makes a nice harness

I want to start making pink and purple sweaters! I want some girl goat babies!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The New Dinette is Finished

Now that the carpet is installed, it was time for the next phase of the project. We toyed with the idea of having a custom table made, but it was going to be a challenge to match the existing wood. Since we had kept the dinette that was in the motorhome, we decided to repurpose it. The problem with it was that it was too big. So we reduced it to half it's original size. It came out perfect! Perfect for two people. Or two little people. As an added bonus, I also got some storage back. 

We also cut down the table to match. The leftover piece fits perfectly under the table spanning the seats. It has the original cup holders.

Very pleased with the final result.

Next project?

Replacing the driver and passenger seats.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Day on the Slopes

Last week, Tuesday and Wednesday, we traveled in the motorhome to Flat Top, WV. to go skiing. I had been watching the weather, and knew they had fresh snow.

We left Monday afternoon after work, and made it up there by 10 pm. We stopped to snooze in a Cracker Barrel, only 28 miles from Winterplace Ski Resort.

 No body on the lifts but me. From 10AM until about 5PM, there were very few people there. So I only waited for a lift once!

 This is how close we were to the slopes. I am standing next to the ski racks where you click in your boots - and looking at my own little ski lodge. Nothing like being able to go in for lunch and heat up a bowl of spaghetti.

Scotty the wonder goat came along. We are bottle feeding him because he seemed to be a bit premature. Very low sucking reflex. But Papa John got him going.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Carpet!

Today we had the carpet installers come to put new carpet in the motorhome.

It came out perfect.

After we put the chairs back in we could see just how nice it looks.

Next we will reinstall the smaller dinette, and we will be ready for a trip!