Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Adventures of Farm Girl and Tractor Boy

For months we have been looking for a tractor. There will be many uses for one on our farm. Levelling the pad for our RV Barn. Managing the power line pasture. Clearing land on the other side of the power line so we can put up fence. We've done the research. Mother Earth News had an article on working antique tractors and how they make wonderful homesteading tractors for a small hobby farm. We've been to many many auctions and saw them go for terrific amounts of cash, which was just crazy for something that needed major restorations.

One Saturday afternoon we went to look at a newer International Harvester tractor. It had a belly mower, roll bar, basically a good machine, but not very low to the ground (hence the roll bar). We weren't impressed. We finally wrote it off for safety reasons, we have a lot of sloping land and I did not want to be worrying about the thing tipping over.

John happened to notice this gentleman had numerous outbuildings, and decided to ask, "Do you have any other tractors for sale?" The man replied, "well I've got this old red belly ford that I am thinking of getting rid of." We tried not to jump up and down. We walked out to the shed where the tractor was stored and he started it up and brought it out. A WORKING TRACTOR -- and for much less than we expected to pay. SOLD!!

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