Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Little Buddy and Petunia

The next two goats to join the farm are Buddy and Petunia. To clarify, Apache Blue (Buddy) came first.
We were having a blast with Rosebud and Buttercup, and were ready to add onto the herd. We were looking for more does, because at that time we were not really sure we were going to keep any bucks on the farm. Our good friend and goat mentor Gloria had a beautiful doe that was due to kid and we asked for the opportunity to see any does she kidded. Well much to our dismay, she had two bucks, oh darn! But we went to come see them anyway. Well, needless to say, we fell in love with Buddy, who seemed to be sort of ignored by his dam. Gloria sent us home with a couple of quarts of goats milk and some colostrum and we were in business. John set up a playpen in the living room and the first indoor baby took up residence. Buddy spent much of his first week cuddled up on PapaJohn
About a week later, John went to visit the farm where our first two goats came from and saw a little black and white banded doe of about five days of age. He was afraid to bring me to see her, but knew there was a pretty fair chance I would want to bring her home. Especially since we wanted a playpen-mate for Buddy. So of course, Petunia (AKA Oreo girl) came home too. She has turned out to be the most loving and curious goat in the herd. She follows PapaJohn into the milkshed and gets locked in, but manages to find her own way out.

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