Monday, November 12, 2007

Caution -- Livestock Guardian Dog On Patrol

This is Daisy, our LGD(Livestock Guardian Dog) She is a Great Pyrenees, and bred for guarding and protecting herd animals. She is aproximately 1 year old and already on the job. After being on the farm for one day, she has already been working on herding the goats from the open yard, back into their pen. We had to put the free range chickens into lock-down however, because she tried to herd them as well, and a few feathers were shed in the process. They'll stay in lockdown until the novelty has worn off. Daisy spends time scanning the yard. She lets us know if something is not right with a deep throaty bark.

We will have a challenge refining her training, because her previous owners just put her in the field and let her follow her instincts. We will put the time in to training to make she is a well behaved dog - sit, lie down, stay, etc., which are things she will need to be a properly socialized dog.

Her previous owners called her Candy, but after a couple of days we realized that she did not truly know her name. I have been saving the name Daisy for a big farm dog, and it suits her. She's just a country girl, our Daisy Mae.

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Cindy Keiger said...

You guys are really getting into this farm stuff, aren't you?! She looks adorable.