Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

We started out today with a clear sunny sky. John was up and out early, mucking out the barn. Today the girls got a treat, their side of the barn was pressure washed. This past week John and I finished a remodel of the barn, and it's working out nicely. There is a spot to use as a maternity pen, and a milking stall separate from the rest of the barn.

I got cooking early in the morning, making pies from scratch. We have pumpkin, dutch apple, and Tim brought an extra treat, a cookie pie. After the pies came out of the oven, I put the turkey in and started peeling potatoes, sweet and white. The gravy came out fabulous. We also had stuffing with raisins, and oyster dressing, and chunky cranberry sauce. Since I did all the cooking, John and Tim were on cleanup detail. Tim took advantage of this opportunity to pack himself some leftovers to take home.

We had our Turkey dinner around 3:00. and afterward went out to sit in the yard with Daisy. As soon as we got settled, it started to rain. A cold front has been forcasted, and I moved to the front porch, but did not stay long due to a cold breeze.

Other farm doings of note: Daisy is adjusting nicely to life on the farm. Even though she was a goat only dog, it turns out she is a goat AND people dog. She is particularly attached to John, and spends the day following him around. The vet says she is 67 pounds and could stand to gain about 5 more. She got a rabies shot and clean bill of health. The day before yesterday we took her in to be spayed. She came home yesterday moving really slow, and slept a lot of the day. Today she seems to be feeling better, but the vet said limited activity for 7-10 days. We think Daisy is very happy here and we are so happy to have her.

It's now 5:00 and we are contemplating desert, since Tim wants to start for home soon. He has to work tomorrow at 8:00.

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