Monday, November 26, 2007

Tim's House

As some of you know, Tim has moved to be closer to his job. After commuting for a couple of months, he'd had enough of the drive, and started looking for a place. He searched until he found the neatest little two bedroom bungalow. From the front view, you can see it's a cute little place, red front door and black shutters on the windows. The owners had recently rehabbed it. It has all laminate floors and a whole new bathroom. He even has a two car attached carport! From the back you can see he has a great little back deck for his new grill. There is also a good sized little screened in porch. He's outfitted the living room with a sage green microfiber lova & loveseat. The place looks great and we like to go over to visit. Andy also has been a frequent visitor when he gets time off from work.


DeepGroov said...

Wow, nice work my friend. Looks like a sweet little pad.

Anonymous said...

Goats improve the scenery.