Monday, December 31, 2007

More about Christmas

Christmas day started out like any other. We got up and did farm chores. Once that was done, we headed back for the house and the boys looked through their stockings. Andy put cinnamon and orange rolls in the the oven. After a nice little breakfast, we opened presents. As you can see, Sonya is always in the middle of things.

John was suprised to get a toolbox for his tractor. It's a red metal box that bolts to the redbelly fender. It is exactly what used to be on these tractors -- found a site where you can order parts.

Andy got a laptop to use for school. It's an IBM Thinkpad. Can you see the look of suprise on his face? He never expected to get this!
Tim got a set of end tables that match his coffee table. No wonder his present was soooo heavy! I got a new porcelain house. This one is a fire station. John made me a shelf for all my houses this week. Now that can all be displayed. It looks fantastic.

We had a terrific Honeybaked Ham, (thanks Tim) macaroni and cheese casserole, green bean casserole, and crescent rolls. Chocolate Mint Mousse pie for dessert.

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas. We were so happy to have both boys with us.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Merry Christmas 2007! This is a view of our tree from the loft. It's so tall, it's hard to get the whole tree in the frame from downstairs. No tinsel this year. I resisted because this way the goats get the tree when we are done with it. They are already snacking on the branches we trimmed from the bottom. It's so nice to have the cedar smell of our house, the pine from the Christmas tree, and the sugary vanilla smell of cookies in the oven. Andy got home from work about an hour ago, Tim just walked in from the trip over from North Wilkesboro.

So it's a full house. Barney is still in cat hospital. I'm happy to report there is progress. He is a good patient -- we do the hot packing for 10+ minutes, three times a day. This afternoon when I was doing it he just lay there and purred. The wounds are definitely healing. Also here is our buddy Scout (Jill's dog) and some silkie chicks we are keeping while she's out of town. Christmas morning we'll get up and milk and do farm chores before breakfast.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Cat Hospital is OPEN!

Our first barn cat, Barney, was injured. Maybe a fight, but it looks more to me like he had a disagreement with a jagged object. Like maybe got caught in a fence. There are no defensive wounds, and rest of him is intact, but his right rear leg has numerous cuts and contusions. We dipped him in Hydrogen Peroxide, then flooded the wounds with penicillin. We tried to bandage the leg, but he had that taken off in short order. We called our large animal vet's office for some advice, and they told us how to do "hot packing". Get a basin and fill it with the hottest water you can stand. Take two washcloths, and alternate holding the wet hot cloths over the wound. This is supposed to increase circulation (to promote healing) and keep the wound clean (to prevent infection). Have to do this three times a day and make sure he is eating. We have an appointment Thursday to get two kids disbudded, so if he is not improving, we will take him in to see the vet. Barney has taken up residence in the kitchen in the largest kennel we have. (Daisy fits into it) The Cat Hospital kennel has a cat chow hopper, heating pad, fresh water, warm milk, and a potty. Barney was also treated to a couple of feline greenies on check-in. He's the most easy going cat, through all his treatments, he struggled, but the claws never came out.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Great to be HOME!

John and I just got back from a great adventure. We took an Amtrak train from Petersburg, Virginia to Seattle, Washington to visit Kendra, Jeff & kids Daniel and Paul. We got on the train in Petersburg, Virginia. The Silver Star train picked us up and took us on to Washington DC. Once there, we joined the Capitol Limited and headed for Chicago, Illinois. The next train we got on was the Empire Builder. We arrived at King Street Station in Seattle, and Enterprise Rental Car "picked us up".

During the trip we had a cute LITTLE cabin on the superliner. Huge picture window! It had a sofa that converted to a bed, and bunk, sink/vanity and a shower-potty. Very cozy. Thought we would have trouble sleeping, but we slept so good, I guess from all the rocking.

We met many very friendly fellow travelers. No one is a stranger on the train.

The day we arrived Seattle had a big snowstorm which then turned into rain. We spent the time in Seattle playing with Daniel and Paul. Daniel and Nana baked a delicious chocolate cake.

We also went with Daniel to The Little Gym and later in the week to
Music Class. One rainy day, we took a long puddle jumping walk in the rain.

When we went back to King Street Station we found out that some of the tracks between Seattle and Wenatchee were undermined, and so they put us on a charter bus to meet the train in Wenatchee. One the bus we were treated to a box supper. When we got to Wenatchee, we got on the Empire Builder for the return trip and headed east by rail once again. The scenery was spectacular.
While we were traveling across the country, Andy was in charge of PapaJohn'sFarm.

While we were heading east on the Empire Builder, we got a call from Andy, who reported that Rosebud had given birth. The Monday after we got back, Buttercup had her baby, so now there are two new farm babies.