Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Cat Hospital is OPEN!

Our first barn cat, Barney, was injured. Maybe a fight, but it looks more to me like he had a disagreement with a jagged object. Like maybe got caught in a fence. There are no defensive wounds, and rest of him is intact, but his right rear leg has numerous cuts and contusions. We dipped him in Hydrogen Peroxide, then flooded the wounds with penicillin. We tried to bandage the leg, but he had that taken off in short order. We called our large animal vet's office for some advice, and they told us how to do "hot packing". Get a basin and fill it with the hottest water you can stand. Take two washcloths, and alternate holding the wet hot cloths over the wound. This is supposed to increase circulation (to promote healing) and keep the wound clean (to prevent infection). Have to do this three times a day and make sure he is eating. We have an appointment Thursday to get two kids disbudded, so if he is not improving, we will take him in to see the vet. Barney has taken up residence in the kitchen in the largest kennel we have. (Daisy fits into it) The Cat Hospital kennel has a cat chow hopper, heating pad, fresh water, warm milk, and a potty. Barney was also treated to a couple of feline greenies on check-in. He's the most easy going cat, through all his treatments, he struggled, but the claws never came out.

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