Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Great to be HOME!

John and I just got back from a great adventure. We took an Amtrak train from Petersburg, Virginia to Seattle, Washington to visit Kendra, Jeff & kids Daniel and Paul. We got on the train in Petersburg, Virginia. The Silver Star train picked us up and took us on to Washington DC. Once there, we joined the Capitol Limited and headed for Chicago, Illinois. The next train we got on was the Empire Builder. We arrived at King Street Station in Seattle, and Enterprise Rental Car "picked us up".

During the trip we had a cute LITTLE cabin on the superliner. Huge picture window! It had a sofa that converted to a bed, and bunk, sink/vanity and a shower-potty. Very cozy. Thought we would have trouble sleeping, but we slept so good, I guess from all the rocking.

We met many very friendly fellow travelers. No one is a stranger on the train.

The day we arrived Seattle had a big snowstorm which then turned into rain. We spent the time in Seattle playing with Daniel and Paul. Daniel and Nana baked a delicious chocolate cake.

We also went with Daniel to The Little Gym and later in the week to
Music Class. One rainy day, we took a long puddle jumping walk in the rain.

When we went back to King Street Station we found out that some of the tracks between Seattle and Wenatchee were undermined, and so they put us on a charter bus to meet the train in Wenatchee. One the bus we were treated to a box supper. When we got to Wenatchee, we got on the Empire Builder for the return trip and headed east by rail once again. The scenery was spectacular.
While we were traveling across the country, Andy was in charge of PapaJohn'sFarm.

While we were heading east on the Empire Builder, we got a call from Andy, who reported that Rosebud had given birth. The Monday after we got back, Buttercup had her baby, so now there are two new farm babies.

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I think Skye is very cute.