Monday, December 24, 2007


Merry Christmas 2007! This is a view of our tree from the loft. It's so tall, it's hard to get the whole tree in the frame from downstairs. No tinsel this year. I resisted because this way the goats get the tree when we are done with it. They are already snacking on the branches we trimmed from the bottom. It's so nice to have the cedar smell of our house, the pine from the Christmas tree, and the sugary vanilla smell of cookies in the oven. Andy got home from work about an hour ago, Tim just walked in from the trip over from North Wilkesboro.

So it's a full house. Barney is still in cat hospital. I'm happy to report there is progress. He is a good patient -- we do the hot packing for 10+ minutes, three times a day. This afternoon when I was doing it he just lay there and purred. The wounds are definitely healing. Also here is our buddy Scout (Jill's dog) and some silkie chicks we are keeping while she's out of town. Christmas morning we'll get up and milk and do farm chores before breakfast.

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DeepGroov said...

A very merry Christmas to all of you from New Orleans !