Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Barney is an outpatient!

He is definitely ready to get back out there. His wound is all scabbed over and today about the size of a dime. For the past couple of nights he's been very vocal. Yowling and meowing -- John says he sounds like a little kid. He's been keeping us awake at night. Yesterday he got taken outside for the afternoon, still in the kennel, so he knew there was a warm spot for him. About an hour later we opened the door and away he went. He came back when the sun went down and climbed into the kennel, so we locked him in. This morning we opened the door again, and away he went. Tonight when we went out to milk, he was waiting on the porch. I guess a warm bed, chow and fresh water are too hard to resist. I'm just thinking that for a while at least as long as he's willing, we will lock him in the kennel at night to keep him out of trouble for now.

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