Monday, February 18, 2008

February News Blast!

So almost a month has past since my last blog. We've been extremely busy. John and I have had the opportunity to go skiing a couple of times. As I write this our skis are still propped up in the corner of our bedroom in hopes of a couple of more outings. It's just been a really bad year for skiing -- last year we got out there 8 times. The day this picture was taken, they were making snow like crazy, and we both wore goggles all day. John is getting pretty good, always in control. We are both very conservative skiers, and we have a great time.

The weekend of Tim's birthday he came over to celebrate with us. I made him angel food cake with a raspberry glaze and whipped cream. It was delicious!
Not long after that we started preparing for goat babies to arrive. John and Daisy got bored waiting and spent some time lying around the yard. Looks like we've really gone to the dogs, but Daisy absolutely loves having someone come out and lay around in the yard with her.

Finally on February 13th, Jill's Chickadee had twins! Saturday morning, Jill's Calista had triplets, and on Saturday afternoon, Our Petunia had a single! So now, with an additional baby from Jill's Buddlea we now have seven babies on the farm.
Right after we brought them out of the barn and put them into the playpen, they jammed up all together
and took a snooze. There are
three doelings and 4 bucklings, and they are all adorable. It's amazing to see them learn to stand up, stumble around and then within about four hours they are hopping and playing. They all have different personalities. We noticed that one of them, Petunia's baby had a black spot in the shape of a heart on his rump. How can you resist that?
After a couple of nights in the playpen, we realized we were loosing the clean battle and decided to replace the playpen with a stall in the basement. John constructed this four by eight enclosure with a two by six ledge. The whole thing is lined with plastic and has four walls made up of hog panel. All we had to do is add some hay. So next to my washer and dryer, we have a stall! The babies are staying cleaner and they have room to run, jump and play.

When it's feeding time, you just heat up a couple of bottles and jump in. John will climb in, feed them, and then grab a pillow and spend some time chilling out with them.
They grow so fast, so if it's a choice between playing with babies and unloading the dishwasher, well, the dishwasher is probably still full. Oh Well, it will still be there tomorrow.
We have another doe that will kid possibly the first week of March. Then there are two more who have had the opportunity to breed, but we don't know yet
if it took. Then it will be break time, and the plan this year is to breed two in October, two in November, and two in December, for babies in March, April, and May.

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