Monday, March 3, 2008

Cats, Dogs, & Chicken Coop Remodeling

We heat our house with wood, and the woodstove keeps the family room quite nice. Everyone congregates there, including cats and dogs. On the couch there is an electric throw, mostly for
Toby's benefit, especially when he's just had a haircut in the winter. Toby loves the throw, and spends a lot of time circling until he's found just the right spot. Once comfy, he'll snooze for hours. This weekend he got caught snoozing with a buddy. I watched Sasha very slowly and carefully slide right in beside him under the blanket. It was clearly a sneaky act, because she was watching for a reaction. After she got settled I had to capture it on film. A little later on when they both woke up, don't they both look suprised?

On Sunday John and I did a little remodeling. I know some of you who were so impressed with the chicken tractor will be a bit disappointed. The wheels no longer roll. The functionality evolved so that we let them out in different fields at different times to do pest control. Being in a static location lets us control this better, so viola, the chicken highrise.

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