Monday, March 17, 2008

Papa Johns Coco

Meet Papa Johns Coco! She's the last of the spring babies on the farm. You can't tell by her picture, but she is a headstrong little doe. She'll keep up with you walking around the yard, and she does not seem to be afraid of Daisy. She was born March 8th, very conveniently choosing to make her appearance after the pizza had been ordered. Tim and Andy had to hop in the car and go after the pizza, AND pay for it. (Thanks Tim!) I actually got the chance to climb in and help Vivie. I cleaned Coco's nose and mouth before her head was all the way out. Gosh it was nice to see that little nose wiggling.

In a recent post I uploaded some pictures of Sasha and Toby cuddled up under a blanket. The weekend Coco was born, John got some awesome pictures of Daisy and Opie lounging around the yard. Opie is such an affectionate cat, to the point of obnoxiousness. I mean he will actually hook his paws around your neck, it's like a cat hug if such a thing exists. He seems to know that Daisy is extremely infatuated with him. She will follow him around, corner him, paw him, and pester him until he just gives up and lets her maul him. The worst it seems to be is a heavy paw, though we've seen her with his head in her mouth. If it gets to be too much he yowls at her and runs. There are plenty of spots she can't reach. Like hiding in the goat feeder.

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