Monday, April 14, 2008

Demo Days at Tractor Supply

This past Saturday, we showed up at Tractor Supply at 9:am sharp with 6 baby goats. We had Tater and Lars, Momo, Moonbeam, Blondie, and Tiny.

The folks at Tractor Supply set up a pen, and filled it with pine shavings and a bucket of water, we brought the goats and goat treats. I think at the end of the day, the goats were as tired as I was.

We had a ton of people stop by, and made a lot of new contacts. Many, many little kids had the opportunity to feed the baby goats the "cookies". We've got some folks who want our goats!

At the end of the day, Jill took Momo, Moonbeam, Blondie and Tiny home with her. She has Momo and Moonbeam sold. We have two left available for sale, Tater and Lars. If they don't sell as production animals, they will be wethered and kept to sell as a buddy to a lone goat. We would never sell one goat by itself.

When we got home we realized we now have five baby goats. Coco, Molly, Lucy, Tater, and Lars. Four adult does in milk, Rosebud, Buttercup, Petunia, and Vivie. Three boarder adult does in milk, Calista, Chickadee, and Monique. Four bred adult does, Clover, Tulip, Pansy and Chyenne. We have two tweens, Ginger, and Sky, who is a wether. Last but not least we have two production bucks, Apache Blue (Buddy) and Rascal. WOW 20 GOATS! By the first of June I think, the three boarders go back home, since Jill wants to show at least one of them. We'll be drying off ours so that we can maybe take some time off in June to take a little trip in the motorhome.

Sunday I spent catching up on laundry, cleaning kitchen and then I made a wheel of cheddar cheese. As I write this, my wheel of cheddar is drying on the counter under a cloth. Tomorrow night I will wax it and then into storage it goes for 2-6 months. It takes 2 gallons of milk to make this wheel of cheese. I have yet to weigh it to find out how much cheese that makes, but it is definitely more than you generally buy in a package at the store.

I can't wait to taste it!

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