Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend at Home

All chat and no pictures this week. I just don't have anything to post! We spent most of the weekend at home. I got home from my business trip around 2:30 am Saturday. Tim came over this weekend too. He was there when I got home Friday night and stayed through Sunday afternoon. We slept in, got up and did farm chores. When milking and feeding was over, we prepared and gave vaccine boosters. All the breeding does got removed from the breeding pens and Rascal and Buddy went back to the buck pen. They'll stay there all summer until the next round. Clover, Cheyenne, Pansy, and Tulip went back to the doe pen and are getting re-integrated with their buddies. The tweens, Sky and Ginger, still get penned up in the milk parlor at night, but by the time the babies are weaned, they'll be able to be with the grownups full time. Saturday afternoon Tim helped John innoculate mushroom logs. We had beef stroganoff and ceasar salad for dinner. All four of us got up Sunday morning and went out for breakfast at IHOP. We were headed back to meet up with Brian and Mary, who needed some vaccines for baby goats. On the way back we got a call from Dave and Kris who were on their way back to Ohio by rental car after Skybus stranded them. It was really nice to catch up with them. Tim headed back to North Wilkesboro I zipped through a ton of laundry, mopped floors, unpacked from my trip and then, John and I took a nap!

My favorite kind of weekend!

Next weekend we are taking unsold babies to Tractor Supply for small stock show and tell. So perhaps we will have some show and sell and bring home less than we came with.

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