Friday, June 27, 2008

Tulip's Babies

Tulip's babies are here. June 22nd we had just come in from planting corn in the garden when I noticed her lying down in a corner of the pasture. When I say down next to her I saw that she had indeed started labor. I yelled for John to bring towels and the OB kit. Shortly thereafter Rowdy popped out. He's a little white and red buckling, he kind of looks like a little paint pony. Not too long after that Tulip started pushing out another one, this time a little girl. Kiki (had to be a "K" name for Karol) looks a little like her mother, only she has three white boots and a white flash on each side. Both are heathy and staying with their mom for now. Good timing Tulip -- I got to be home for this birth!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pansy's Babies

On June 9th, Pansy delivered two bucklings, who have been named Fireball and Comet. We don't know why, but one is much bigger than the other. The larger tri-color, Fireball does indeed live up to his name. Comet is a sweet tiny boy who may already have a home. They were so cute cuddled up in the play pen. Here Tim enjoys a little Comet time. Now that they are about two weeks old, they've been moved out to the barn. They are being bottle fed because when we started Pansy out, she did not like the MaggiDan milker and I had to hand milk her out for the first couple of days. So now they are on a mixture of goat milk and kid milk replacer. They are doing very well. Fireball has already been to the vet for disbudding, but the doctor said Comet was too small, and we'll need to bring him back another time. He's just too tiny to disbud at the moment.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Tim and Andy took John out for breakfast on Fathers day to his favorite restaurant, PB Clarks. He was treated to a breakfast complete with eggs, sausage, biscuits, gravy, and of course grits. Later that afternoon Jill stopped by to pick up some hay, and then John and I took a ride to visit Tranquility Acres. This farm is where all of our little boys came from, and we were interested in looking at their sire to possibly add to our herd. Sharon met us on the porch with a big hug and a "Welcome to Tranquility Acres!" She has an awesome setup and gave us a tour of the place. We visited the bucks and she ntroduced us to Yoel, who is a 4 year old buck. We were very interested in purchasing him. So, lo and behold, Yoel is now part of our herd. We now have 3 production bucks. Yoel, Our very first buck, Buddy (Apache Blue) and our youngest buck Rascal. All three are getting along very well in the pen. They are all very different. Yoel, a majestic chamoisee with black legs and face, Buddy, a stunning blue eyed tri-color, and Rascal, the black and white Pajama Boy. We are really enjoying watching them in the buck pen in their new barn.

We've also been working on our garden. The power line garden got washed away before the plants got started, so this weekend we will be replanting zuccini and spaghetti squash, along with jack-o-lanterns.

The garden in the back yard however is doing fantastic! We have about 32 tomato plans, 12 pepper plants, 4 jalepenos, and a row of lettuce.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Farm Happenings

Last week I didn't get a cake for my birthday. I got the mixer I've wanted for YEARS! Check this out! 9 Cups of Flour Power! Over the weekend I made a cream cheese pound cake, oatmeal cookies and I made a giant toll house cookie for Andy to take on his campout. I have been researching recipes online for healthy cookies and snacks. When I hit on the perfect Oatmeal Raisin cookie, I will post it for everyone to enjoy. For the time being it gets to sit on the counter so I can just look at it! How awesome is this mixer!

Pausing here for a moment. I have been trying to upload pictures for half an hour with no success.

Stand by....

None of my pictures are being uploaded so I will write the blog and add the pictures later. We had some new babies born last Monday. Pansy had two bucks. The first one born was a huge fella, white with black and brown spots. The second to be born was a little tiny chamoisee. Both are lively and cute.

Tim came over to see us this weekend, and Saturday he and I went out so he could get himself a suit. Darned if I didn't forget to get my camera out! Now I'll have to drive over there and get a picture of him in his new suit.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Visit to Tim's House

All pictures today, for starters, we have adopted another tiger kitty. Odin has decided he likes to watch him from above.
We parked in Tim's driveway and then hopped in his car to go get a tour of his office. Check out the pictures of his desk. His cube is quite nice, there are little windows in the partition, he gets daylight at his desk. Later that night Tim took us out for dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant. The food was amazing. After we got home, we sat around and chatted for a while and then we all packed it in. I got to sleep in late the next morning and Tim made pancakes and sausage. Later on he grilled Cheddar brauts for lunch. YUM!
All too soon it was time to roll up the cords and head for home. What a great weekend!!