Monday, June 16, 2008

Farm Happenings

Last week I didn't get a cake for my birthday. I got the mixer I've wanted for YEARS! Check this out! 9 Cups of Flour Power! Over the weekend I made a cream cheese pound cake, oatmeal cookies and I made a giant toll house cookie for Andy to take on his campout. I have been researching recipes online for healthy cookies and snacks. When I hit on the perfect Oatmeal Raisin cookie, I will post it for everyone to enjoy. For the time being it gets to sit on the counter so I can just look at it! How awesome is this mixer!

Pausing here for a moment. I have been trying to upload pictures for half an hour with no success.

Stand by....

None of my pictures are being uploaded so I will write the blog and add the pictures later. We had some new babies born last Monday. Pansy had two bucks. The first one born was a huge fella, white with black and brown spots. The second to be born was a little tiny chamoisee. Both are lively and cute.

Tim came over to see us this weekend, and Saturday he and I went out so he could get himself a suit. Darned if I didn't forget to get my camera out! Now I'll have to drive over there and get a picture of him in his new suit.

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