Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Tim and Andy took John out for breakfast on Fathers day to his favorite restaurant, PB Clarks. He was treated to a breakfast complete with eggs, sausage, biscuits, gravy, and of course grits. Later that afternoon Jill stopped by to pick up some hay, and then John and I took a ride to visit Tranquility Acres. This farm is where all of our little boys came from, and we were interested in looking at their sire to possibly add to our herd. Sharon met us on the porch with a big hug and a "Welcome to Tranquility Acres!" She has an awesome setup and gave us a tour of the place. We visited the bucks and she ntroduced us to Yoel, who is a 4 year old buck. We were very interested in purchasing him. So, lo and behold, Yoel is now part of our herd. We now have 3 production bucks. Yoel, Our very first buck, Buddy (Apache Blue) and our youngest buck Rascal. All three are getting along very well in the pen. They are all very different. Yoel, a majestic chamoisee with black legs and face, Buddy, a stunning blue eyed tri-color, and Rascal, the black and white Pajama Boy. We are really enjoying watching them in the buck pen in their new barn.

We've also been working on our garden. The power line garden got washed away before the plants got started, so this weekend we will be replanting zuccini and spaghetti squash, along with jack-o-lanterns.

The garden in the back yard however is doing fantastic! We have about 32 tomato plans, 12 pepper plants, 4 jalepenos, and a row of lettuce.

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