Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pansy's Babies

On June 9th, Pansy delivered two bucklings, who have been named Fireball and Comet. We don't know why, but one is much bigger than the other. The larger tri-color, Fireball does indeed live up to his name. Comet is a sweet tiny boy who may already have a home. They were so cute cuddled up in the play pen. Here Tim enjoys a little Comet time. Now that they are about two weeks old, they've been moved out to the barn. They are being bottle fed because when we started Pansy out, she did not like the MaggiDan milker and I had to hand milk her out for the first couple of days. So now they are on a mixture of goat milk and kid milk replacer. They are doing very well. Fireball has already been to the vet for disbudding, but the doctor said Comet was too small, and we'll need to bring him back another time. He's just too tiny to disbud at the moment.

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