Friday, June 27, 2008

Tulip's Babies

Tulip's babies are here. June 22nd we had just come in from planting corn in the garden when I noticed her lying down in a corner of the pasture. When I say down next to her I saw that she had indeed started labor. I yelled for John to bring towels and the OB kit. Shortly thereafter Rowdy popped out. He's a little white and red buckling, he kind of looks like a little paint pony. Not too long after that Tulip started pushing out another one, this time a little girl. Kiki (had to be a "K" name for Karol) looks a little like her mother, only she has three white boots and a white flash on each side. Both are heathy and staying with their mom for now. Good timing Tulip -- I got to be home for this birth!

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