Sunday, July 27, 2008


Last weekend I had the bright idea to hang a couple of hummingbird feeders outside my kitchen window. These were just some little $.97 feeders, and I bought bottle of the red concentrate. Originally these hung on the porch, but we found they leaked when the sun heated the liquid. So now they hang over my garden and if they leak it's not a problem. I used a hanger, which I bent so that both feeders hang from little hooks. It's easy to get at them from the porch. Convenient, because the liittle birds found them pretty quick and pretty much drain them both in just a couple of days.

Seems like there are usually more than one bird wanting access to the feeder. So while one is eating, one is waiting on the fence below, and one is hovering just a foot away. I don't know why they can only eat one at a time.

I left my camera sitting by the sink and John managed to get some pretty good pictures. He even got a movie! You can see this little guy keep coming back and see the bubbles as he eats.

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