Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seems we always have a project going, but I guess it keeps us out of trouble. My project this weekend was to get the barn painted. A couple of weeks ago Andy and I spent a couple of hours putting stone around the base. Next comes hayrack, some hay storage so you aren't toting bales all the time, and mineral feeders. It's important for bucks to have free choice minerals, so I'm trying to get this part done this weekend. But look how pretty the barn is coming out. I love the deep red color against the green foliage. I got two coats on the front yesterday, so today after our midday meal of steak, seven layer salad, and home-made honey wheat bread, I will be putting on my painting clothes again! Once the paint is on, the barn will be considered finished until fall, when we will need to put doors on. In the summer they need the breeze!

John came up with a way to get the kids in the creep feeder fed without fighting them to get in the door. He made a wooden hopper/ramp that serves the feeder/trough, then set a PVC pipe inside that. Now he pours from his feed pitcher through the pipe, and the grain fills the trough and everyone can stick their head in to eat. The creep feeder is where all the younger goats can go to get fed without competing for food with the full grown goats. So far, goats as old as seven months can get in there. We are hoping that around eight months they will be eating with the big girls and boys. Ginger and Sky seem to be able to still squeak through. Doesn't John always comes up with nifty ideas!?!?

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Cindy Keiger said...

Good looking barn! You guys are WAY too busy, but sounds like you're having fun!!!