Monday, July 14, 2008

Tim + 1 = A PACK!

Here's some big news for everyone! Tim has picked out a new puppy! He's been researching breeds for quite a while and settled on a Shetland Sheepdog, AKA a Sheltie. Once that decision was made he started looking for a dog. He started with the sheltie rescue, but those dogs are mostly much older dogs and in need of a lot of health care and maintenance. So then he started looking for breeders to see if he could find a puppy. After some searching he found a breeder that would have a puppy ready at the perfect time for him. This past Saturday he went to visit and found the right dog. So now, sometime in mid August after he's settled into his new house, he won't be living alone any more! Here are some pictures of the little sweetie, who has no idea that with Tim, she just hit the forever friend jackpot! Just wait til she figures out that at the grandparents house, she gets to herd goats when she gets bigger!

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