Monday, August 4, 2008


Sunday we went over to visit Tim and his new puppy Rei-Rei in North Wilkesboro. Rei seems to be settling in nicely, and is working on training her Tim. She has taken over the kitchen, where her crate is set up. When we came to visit we brought a bag of toys and her new big girl crate for when she's grown up. The toys were a hit, expecially the stuffed goat. When you squeeze it, the noise it makes gets her attention. She runs over to stand over it. Rei-Rei seems to be understanding that the toys are all hers, she does pick them up and carry them around. Rei also practiced napping with Papa John, had numerous trips out to the yard to play, and after some successful potty breaks, got to climb up on the couch and hang out with everyone. She's adorable and we definitely think Tim made the right choice.

I have more pictures to post but will have to add them later. Blogger is having trouble getting them up, so more to follow in the days to come.

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