Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wild and Crazy Guys (and Girls)

Divine blueberry pie!

Nikki and Tim Rock out!

Time for the girls to take over - but wait, Andy and Tim want a turn!

Andy & Tim, Karol & Andy - wait, is there a pattern here?

We are all animal lovers on the farm!

Last week both Tim and I took some vacation time. Great time to take time off, we had great weather all week, cool in the mornings and evenings. A couple of times we turned off the AC and enjoyed nice breezes. We also had some company. Kris & Nikki Damron took a road trip to visit Brant and Sarah in Chapel Hill, and lucky for us, we are in the flight path. Tim picked Nikki up so she could visit North Wilkesboro and see his new house, and then we all met at the farm for a bit of a party. When Tim and Nikki got to the farm, Nikki put together a blueberry pie, complete with lattice top, how divine. Tim took that opportunity to grab a nap, since we've all been staying up to watch the Olympics. Shortly after that Kris arrived with Gus-Gus. We really enjoy Gus-Gus, he's a great little dog. When Andy and Karol arrived, the four big kids set up and played Guitar Hero II until dinner was on the table. We all sat down to chicken with squash casserole and corn pudding. After dinner, the guitars came out again, and Kris, John, and I spent time lollygagging on the porch.

Kris and Nikki checked into the Winnebago Hotel for the night - nice to have that extra bedroom ready to go! In the morning we had breakfast together, and then Kris, Nikki, and Gus-Gus got on the road. Nikki would be starting her new job that Monday, and we can't wait to hear all about it! We were sad to see them have to leave, but the nice thing about being where we are now is that we get visits from them more frequently!

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