Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall is Coming!

I can't believe almost two weeks have slipped by since my last blog. We have been so busy since there is a nip of fall in the air. 70's during the day, 50's at night, the A/C is OFF! Last week and week-end, John and I worked in the Livestock Barn at the Stokes county fair. One night we helped during the sheep show. The next night we worked the goat show, and the final night we worked the cattle show. Had a great time, talked to so many people.

Two of our good friends entered the market goat category with two of our little weathers. Here they are just worn out with excitement. (the goats, not the girls!) A little later Jack just had to have a nap, and who better to nap on than Papa John.

Here they are with the ribbons they won!

The extension agent was so happy with us, we got a nice thank-you note in the mail, and she volunteered us to work the Dixie Classic Fair. I put on my jeans and dairy boots and jumped into the ring with the critters, my clipboard, and the judge and 3-4 hours went by. John worked at lining up the groups so they were ready for their turn. It was great fun and we are looking forward to working the Dixie on the 4th of October.

Today we went to the Ag center, where the Master Gardener club put on a plant sale. We left there with three blueberry bushes and two dwarf pears. The blueberries will be in the side yard, but the pears can be on the power line with the dwarf apples. The Duke power man says dwarf trees are ok to plant out there. We have set up to get some signs to post so they will not spray defoliants on our power line property.

John has been working on a new chicken coup this week. We'd noticed that some of our chickens were roosting in trees. Seems like a lot of them are laying, since we are bringing in sometimes as many as 19 eggs at a time. Can you say egg salad, quiche, etc? Tomorrow we will be continuing to work on it, and hope to get it painted. We are trying to get the chickens into it by the end of the weekend.

Last weekend John and I also put the roof on the last barn, and painted part of it. So it looks like all the shelters we needed to have in place for the winter will be ready! That means we will be able to proceed with breeding plans. Hoping to breed 6 goats, 2 to sell as bred, and 4 to keep for milking and sell the babies. Trying to keep our herd under control.

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Cindy Keiger said...

Don't you love the calm, relaxed lifestyle of farm living? I just laugh when people ask me that :-) It was good to see John the other day. Now we just need to see you!