Saturday, September 6, 2008

Farming and other GEMS!

We were out checking a few garage sales a couple of weeks ago, and came across a huge bargain. We've been looking for an open hauling trailer, for hauling trash to the dump, getting hay, transporting tractors, etc. So now we have one that will hold 50 bales. We are going to try and get through the winter with 150 bales.
We also took a trip over to Tim's last weekend to take him a baby gate for Rei-Rei. Quiet weekend.
More news! We added a new kitten to the menagerie. This new kitty is the only inside kitty, the rest of the boys are all outside. Meet Phoebe! She is the sweetest little girl, who needed a new home. She lived with another kitty who was mean to her and made her hide under the couch.

She is fitting in well and seems to like everyone. She gets along great with Toby and loves to play.

Also some great news to share. Andy has a new job. He is now working for Office Depot in the Tech Department. Here is what he looks like on his first day on the job.

Today we went to the Winston-Salem Air Show. We will be going back again tomorrow, so more pictures to follow, but we thought this plane was so cool. The wing tips are also floats for water landings.

There were a lot of really cool planes and an awesome rocket car.

Tim and Rei had a great time, and Rei was got a lot of attention.

Of course John found a tractor!

We also stopped at Petsmart, so Tim could get crickets for Zim and a Car safety harness for Rei. He also got a walking harness for her, which was a big help during the Air Show. Less flopping fish and more walking dog! Here is a picture of her in her car harness ready to head back to North Wilkesboro!

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Love the regular updates! Sounds like you have a wonderful life.