Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Work some, and then play some!

Saturday October 11th was a work day on the farm. All the goats got hooves trimmed, brushed, sprayed with flea/tick spray, checked for worms. It took all morning and into the afternoon. John worked on cleaning out the baby stall. The farm keeps us pretty busy.

Once all the animal maintenance was done, we put breeding pairs together for our fall breeding. We are becoming pretty selective on breeding, not wanting to be overrun with babies to sell. We put Petunia in the honeymoon pen with Yoel. She has the blue eyes and the flashing black and white color that we love. Then Rosebud and Buttercup went down to the buck pen to visit Buddy and Rascal. That's about it for breeding. In another month we may add Cheyenne into the program and put her in the honeymoon pen with Buddy.

So that was the conclusion of the work day, then it was time to play!

Since our work was done, we wandered down to the fair to check out the Youth goat show. We seemed to have missed that, so we watched the tractor pull and split a funnel cake instead.

Sunday morning we went out to breakfast, and then went to the Dixie Classic fair again to see the Dairy Goat Show. We were able to see all kinds of goats; Oberhasli, Saanen, Alpine, LaMancha, and Nubians. The Saanens and the Alpines have tremendous udders, and some can give up to a gallon a day! Can you say cheese?

Monday, October 6, 2008


Get out the popcorn, folks, it's MOVIETIME!

Saturday afternoon we got back from the Dixie Classic fair and the barn was hopping! Vivie was down in the dirt busy having babies. Of course we were prepared with birthing kit and plenty of old towels. John snapped on the gloves and got right in there.

It did not take long before the babies were up and playing.

We sat out on the front yard Sunday and played.

Less than 24 hours after birth, they are pretty coordinated.

So we are back to having babies around the farm, which is so much fun. So glad we've pretty much finished all the buildings this summer. Now we will spend the time getting everything in proper shape so things are easier to maintain. I say we, but it's mostly John who spends every day on the farm working away.

When people visit and say, "Wow, you've accomplished so much", I have to say it's all Johns' hard work!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We've been working on the last shelter this fall. Here I am putting a coat of barn paint on the structure. There are two more pieces, which will be added to the front to close it in. John will be cutting a door into it and a window in the second floor. This barn is for all the does/weathers that are not breeding. We will use the second floor for storage.
You can see also that we are putting the finishing touches on the new chicken house. It has a roof with hinges that can be opened from both sides. It is connected to the chicken aviary and the birds access it from the end using a wooden walk. It did not take them long to move in, and now production has increased. We have 16 hens and more eggs than we know what to do with.

Here is John demonstrating how easy it is to check for eggs. Check out the view inside the chicken house. You can see individual roosting boxes, which are lined with hay. Very easy to clean, just pop out the old hay and replace it with new. We can even hose it out if need be, the bottom in made up of hardware cloth.
We've started our little orchard out on the power line, operative word being "little". We're using dwarf strains of trees. We have two moonglow pears, and a golden delicious apple. There are now three blueberry bushes too. Tim was over one weekend with Rei and helped us do the planting.
John and Andy did most of the work. Andy grew impatient for the water to make it up to the end of the hose, as you can see, he started listening and looking for the water.
Yesterday John and I went to the Dixie Classic fair and volunteered in
the barn with the market goats. Had a great time, and then met up with Tim and his buddy Jason who came in and bummed around the fair for a while.
We also got a suprise when we got back from the fair. When we got back John went right up to the barn and Vivie was in labor. She had two does. One is a tri-color. The other is a black and white with lots of frosting and blue eyes

At the end of a busy weekend, John and Daisy hang out in the back yard watching over all the critters. If Daisy has a choice she will be snuggled up to John.