Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Work some, and then play some!

Saturday October 11th was a work day on the farm. All the goats got hooves trimmed, brushed, sprayed with flea/tick spray, checked for worms. It took all morning and into the afternoon. John worked on cleaning out the baby stall. The farm keeps us pretty busy.

Once all the animal maintenance was done, we put breeding pairs together for our fall breeding. We are becoming pretty selective on breeding, not wanting to be overrun with babies to sell. We put Petunia in the honeymoon pen with Yoel. She has the blue eyes and the flashing black and white color that we love. Then Rosebud and Buttercup went down to the buck pen to visit Buddy and Rascal. That's about it for breeding. In another month we may add Cheyenne into the program and put her in the honeymoon pen with Buddy.

So that was the conclusion of the work day, then it was time to play!

Since our work was done, we wandered down to the fair to check out the Youth goat show. We seemed to have missed that, so we watched the tractor pull and split a funnel cake instead.

Sunday morning we went out to breakfast, and then went to the Dixie Classic fair again to see the Dairy Goat Show. We were able to see all kinds of goats; Oberhasli, Saanen, Alpine, LaMancha, and Nubians. The Saanens and the Alpines have tremendous udders, and some can give up to a gallon a day! Can you say cheese?

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