Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008 was a wonderful holiday. Due to my company having a 'holiday shutdown' every year, I was off the whole week. As evidenced by the previous posts, the farmer and I have been working hard on the farm. We used the beginning of the week to get a couple of projects in full swing. The display pen has already gotten some attention. My favorite project is the barn walls and doors, stay tuned for more on that.

Here's our tree with all the presents under and around it.

Christmas eve we had Tim, with puppy Rei-Rei,

Andy, with girlfriend Karol and Karol's pup Snuggles.

We all snuggled around the beatiful fire, put up our stockings and waited for Santa.

Christmas morning we got up, took down our stockings, and then had a tasty breakfast of cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, and biscuits & sausage.

Then we all got dressed and started opening gifts. I have to say everyone in my family has a talent for choosing thoughtful and fabulous presents for each other. There were some big presents. The biggest suprise came from Tim, who decided to give me a plasma TV! Incredible picture, great sound, all the fancy inputs!

We also invested in a big family gift. We now have a Wii console, and to go along with it a Wii-fit balance board. With this we are able to do all kinds of fitness work in the living room. Yoga, strength training, aerobic training, the list is endless as to what you can do with it. It came with Wii-Sports, so we can golf, bowl, play tennis, etc. In addition, we got Rock Band, and Rock Band 2. Rock band came with a guitars, drums, and a microphone. We spent a lot of time playing with this over the remainder of the week.

We all worked on fitness this week, we are all planning on making use of this to help us get back in shape! Here you see Tim and Andy rocking out!


Cindy Keiger said...

No wii is complete without the Chasing Cows game. Maybe you could ask for it for your birthday :-)

Anonymous said...

lol,so nice

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