Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Tree 2008

Saturday, December 13th, we went out in search of a tree. Of course we headed north into Virginia to cut our own. Tim came over Friday night, and first thing in the morning, we headed out for some breakfast at Clarks. It was pretty cold out, we all had gloves and hats on.

After breakfast we hopped back into the truck and headed north. Christmas tree farm, here we come. We watched the temperature fall as we went further north. Finally at our destination, it was 23 degrees. We wandered over hill and dale until - yes - this is the one! I know you suspected it, but now you know, I'm a tree hugger. Yes, I confess to signing work email with a "please consider the environment before printing this email."I just know you are thinking, if you are a tree hugger, why are you cutting this tree down? At the close of the season, this tree will become winter foodfor all the goats. Browsers have to subsist on hay when greenery is out of season, so before the first of the year, they will be chowing on this tree!The final pick - let's take this one home!

We set it up and gave it a big drink.

And before Tim headed for home, he cut the twine and let the tree fall open.These trees always end up being bigger than I thought they would be. Couldn't wait to get the lights on this one.

Oooooo, ahhhhh, lights!You can also see (sort of) that I have lights strung outside as well. John got my Moravian star working too, and it hangs over the very front entry to the porch. Looks fantastic.


DeepGroov said...

Thats a very impressive tree ! I hope you all have a wonderful holidays !


Cindy Keiger said...

Yay!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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