Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 20th

I'm starting this post because I am so behind and today is catchup day. Instead of back tracking though, I'll start with today and tomorrow I'll do a recap. No pictures today, but I will post some tomorrow. It's cold today, this morning recorded tempuratures in the teens outside my kitchen window. Yesterdays snow, scant though it was, is still on the ground. We are in full bundle to venture out to do chores this morning. water in the buckets is frozen and we break it out to fill with fresh. When you open the barn door in the morning, you are greeted with chatty goats. Rosebud and Buttercup know that milking and a special treat are imminent. Milking does get special treatment on the farm. Tasty dairy chow and a bowl of hot water that they suck up like it was a chocolate milkshake. In return we get enough milk for cereal, making cheese and to feed to baby goats. Our guest goat Pebbles, soon to go to a new farm, sneaks up to get some dairy chow while Buttercup is getting milked. She's a very sweet girl and I will be sad to see her go. Andy and I have decided that we want to go inspect the farm she is going to, Andy wants to make sure they have everything set up for the does, and will help them get ready. Pansy, Petunia, Tulip, Scarlet, Clover, and Cheyenne are waiting for their own pail of hot water and fresh hay to chomp. We have two goats on the farm that are soon to be mamas. Petunia is due early February and our newest goat Vivie is due in March. Vivie's registered name is Vera Wang, and rightly so, she is quite the stylish tri-color, half sister to Tommy Girl. We nick-named her Vivie - for the Italian, long life, because when we got her she was already bred, and due sometime in March. Today, after Rosebud and Buttercup were milked, I let Petunia and Vivie up on the milk stand for a special treat. While they were munching on the Dairy chow, I was rubbing tummies, and got a special treat for me! I got kicked! If you feed the does and let them relax you can feel the babies kicking around.

Later this afternoon, I went out to help PapaJohn work on his Tractor Barn. We put a tarp over his framework so the tractor could be pulled out of the weather. He is also recovering some old beams from an old barn, offered by our neighbor, and we pulled some down to our tractor barn for future use.

After that I took Daisy for a walk out on the power line pasture. Daisy is an awesome dog. So much fun to walk with when you don't have to leash her. Funny thing is though, she heels really good on our property, but if you walk her on the power line, you have to have a leash, she does not heel. John is working on that one --- she is his walking dog!

Enough for today. Tomorrow I will down load some pictures, and post again, since January has been a really fun month for us!