Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting The Pasture Into Shape

Spring has sprung, we can see it in the Bradford Pear trees and Dogwoods starting to bloom.

Last week John worked on the power line pasture. He spent many afternoons conturing the land, turning lime into the soil, and spreading fescue and clover seed. This weekend we went out into the field with the tractor and plowed and sowed corn into a spiral. When that was done, John laid down a layer of fertilizer. This pasture is being prepared for summer grazing for the goats. We will be constructing simple structures and putting animals out there to chomp on corn and whatever else grows.
Poppy and JJ went to their new home on Saturday. We got our temporary pen out for Blossom (another little goat they had just picked up) and Poppy and JJ to camp out in while we got paperwork together. While we were sitting at the kitchen table we looked out and saw Poppy clear the top of the pen. She is a fiesty little girl, and she's going to give Scarlett a run for her money. We have some others that are for sale, if you want to take a look, check out -- see goats for sale. There are pictures to look at. They are not weaned yet, but we are down to making nine bottles for each feeding.
We've been watching Daisy with the babies to make sure she's not too rough on them. We actually got a remote trainer, similar to the anti-bark collar, to use if needed. We also want to train her not to chase chickens, because the chickens have a job to do -- we want them out in the yard. So since we are paying attention to her behavior, we noticed that she is actually herding and caring for the kid goats. She will head them towards the baby yard if she thinks they need herding. When she lays down in her dog shelter, they end up curling up on the ground around her. She licks their faces after they eat. We've seen kids climb on her, lean up against her, they are definitely not afraid of her.
Daisy has a special friend in Coco. If there are no people in the yard for her to follow, she hangs out with Daisy.