Friday, August 1, 2008


The BIGGEST news is that Tim brought home his puppy last night. So they've been bonding, and I will have more about them on Monday. Sunday, John and I are going over there to hang out and cook a pot of chili. I will be taking lots of pictures. Other news of note is that John and Andy fixed the Ferguson TO-35! This is big because I was afraid we were going to have to take it to the shop to be fixed. But after some advice from some tractor buddies and a borrowed impact wrench, John figured out the problem. Both tractors are good to go and back in service. Now Andy's pretty happy, because this means when there is work to be done in the woods, they both can drive a tractor out. Here are the two of them right after they put the TO-35 wheel back on. JOB WELL DONE!! So where am I during all this? Where else - in the laundry, but I am proud to announce that John put in my laundry chute. We've been thinking about his for awhile, and since the master bath is right above the laundry area in the basement, we knew it would be easy. So now I only have to lug the clean stuff backup! It's fabulous, and it saves my knees! Of course it seems we are reverting in other areas. There are barn rags I won't put through my washer and dryer, so we got one of these: This thing works like crazy, it's the best post agitator I've ever seen. I put the rags in, fill it with water, add soap and let it work for a half an hour. Then I put the rags through the wringer, dump the soapy water, put the rags back in and add and clean water for another cycle. Once the final wring is done, shake them good and throw them over the fence.
Here's some footage of the monster in motion. If the main washer ever broke down, this thing is definitely a terrific backup. For only $21.50 at an auction, it was worth every penny!