Monday, October 6, 2008


Get out the popcorn, folks, it's MOVIETIME!

Saturday afternoon we got back from the Dixie Classic fair and the barn was hopping! Vivie was down in the dirt busy having babies. Of course we were prepared with birthing kit and plenty of old towels. John snapped on the gloves and got right in there.

It did not take long before the babies were up and playing.

We sat out on the front yard Sunday and played.

Less than 24 hours after birth, they are pretty coordinated.

So we are back to having babies around the farm, which is so much fun. So glad we've pretty much finished all the buildings this summer. Now we will spend the time getting everything in proper shape so things are easier to maintain. I say we, but it's mostly John who spends every day on the farm working away.

When people visit and say, "Wow, you've accomplished so much", I have to say it's all Johns' hard work!