Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday John!

After the doors to the big barn were up, we got busy putting up the hayloft. It's about 8 feet wide by 24 feet long. That will store quite a bit of hay. We moved all the hay we had up there and we still had room for more. Looks like we will be able to store about 200 bales. Add the hay storage space in the buck barn, which is another maybe 50 bales -- that's a lot of hay! As you can see, we made use of the space under the hayloft for storage. A good portion of the space is storing Karol's stuff.In front of the hayloft is Papa Johns' workshop. It took a whole weekend to get it organized, but now he can find everything. In fact, a couple of weeks ago we borrowed an orbital sander from a friend, and when organizing the barn, we found we already had one!

This is the biggest egg we've ever seen. We kept watching for the chicken that was waddling funny, but could never figure out which one she was.Andy and Karol, on their way out on a date.
Sunday Tim came over to help us hang the TVAndy was the one who lifted it into place
Ken and Val came over, to help celebrate John's birthday. Hope you are all sitting down, because I told Ken and Val to come over at 3:00 and lo and behold, they arrived at 3:02!

Papa John opening cards
Even cards from Daniel and Paul

And opening presents

Birthday cake

Tim and Rei like to come visit


DeepGroov said...

That is by far and away the biggest egg ever.

Cindy Keiger said...

Happy Birthday, Papa John!!! I could have sent a card (or not) if I had known the date.

Anonymous said...

Tim is a hottie! Whoo Whoo!