Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Another lazy Sunday afternoon on the farm. Goats spend the day munching. We still have a bunch of Christmas trees. After the holidays Papa John hitched up the trailer and hit some neighborhoods where people were putting out their Christmas trees. We figure why let them end up in a dump somewhere or get chipped into mulch when our goats have no forage in the winter? Funny critters -- they will not eat off the ground. So we end up going out and rolling the trees every couple of days and that seems to fool them. Between the trees and the hay that we've put up, daily grain rations stay about the same, regardless of the season. The only thing we do differently is that goats that are on milking rotation get a dairy feed instead of the medicated type. Here we see the Goat Whisperer confering with some of his kids

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