Friday, March 6, 2009


Last Weekend we got snow! This is what I saw when I stepped out my door last Monday.
From inside the yard looking towards the barns. There is even snow piled up and drifted on the fence.
Looking up the hill from the buck pen.
The buck barn
Daisy loves the snow.
The chicken house. We noticed that the chickens were all inside. They did not seem to want to walk around in the snow.
Of course I had to make a snow angel.
Daisy never even shivers.
The well.
From the front yard.
Daisy slept in the dog house.


Anonymous said...

Oh how beautiful!! I wish I was there, instead of here, where it was 80 today!

Anonymous said...

I haven't checked out your blog in ages. The snow pictures are beautiful, but I'm so glad it's trying hard to be spring now.This is Cindy, by the way. Don't know why my name isn't showing up as it usually does.