Saturday, April 25, 2009


The title says it all. "PHEW". So much has happened in the last month. I have not been keeping you up to date. I have had a lot on my plate for the last 30 days, and will have to spend a couple of blog entries to get you all up to speed. High level for now;

My secondary site in Mecklenburg county has upgraded to the latest SW release. This has been a huge undertaking. I think the high level of involvement for me is what has keep me away from the electronic world for awhile. Between email, upgrade, a bit of on-site development, and followup issue resolution, I have not felt like sitting in front of a computer for awhile. Don't get me started on emails.....

We also finished our kitchen remodel. Bye-bye cracking green tiles, hello granite!

Huge development on the personal side. My youngest son(my baby!) got married last weekend. He's chosen a wonderful girl, and they are expecting their first child in October. Looking forward to "baby days" but I keep trying to keep myself in the here and now, live in the moment is my mantra.

On hand for the wedding was my step-daughter Kendra and her family. I hate the label "step", she's SO much more to me. I got to spend time with her out-standing hubby Jeff and two magical grands, Daniel and Paul. Also on hand were my folks, who totally got into the goat farming thing, and Steve & Lori, who might as well be family. Steve got my plumbing hooked up after my new granite counters were installed, and Lori rescued me from ironing every single mens shirt for the wedding!

This weekend we are adjusting to quiet.... how nice. And adjusting to a new goat. We purchased an American Alpine goat about four months ago, and have been waiting for her to kid so we could pick her up. I milked her this morning and got almost a GALLON! Can you say cheese? As I type this I am waiting for some chevre to ripen. She is such a sweet gentle soul, is Sweet Flowers Hollyhock.

I am going to end this for now, the front porch swing chairs are calling -- and I have a good book to read. I promise to check email -- tomorrow -- and start getting you all caught up with pictures and more!

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