Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goat Milk Butter!

Yesterday we spun milk again, to have skim for drinking. This time I took all the cream and using my fabulous Kitchenaid stand mixer, MADE BUTTER! IN ABOUT 20 MINUTES. As you can see - the butter is white - goats convert all of the carotene in their diet to Vitamin A so their milk and cream are pure white.

When my grandkids were in town, we used a glass jar and a marble and shook it like mad. So I knew how good fresh goat milk butter was.

Using the mixer makes it easy! Warm the milk to between 61 & 65 degrees. Put it in the bowl with a paddle. Mix at high speed until the buttermilk starts to separate. Remove the bowl and squish the butter against the side of the bowl to get out as much buttermilk as you can. Mine did not have much buttermilk, Think it's because the cream separator is so efficient. Next you want ot clean out more of the buttermilk, that's what makes the butter not keep as long. Pour some icewater into the mixer(NO CUBES) and blend again for a couple of seconds, discard the liquid. Keep doing this until the liquid runs clear. At this point you can blend in flavoring. salt, or next time I might try a little honey.

It's easy!

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