Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Sweet Ride

So every week I rent a different car. Monday morning, I drop my CRV at the Smith-Reynolds Airport, and I never know what I will drive to Charlotte. Most of the time I am able to plug in my XM reciever, and have music. If not I have two NPR stations that I listen to on the way. My rental agent knows what I like and tries to get me something good every week. I pretty much have my pick of whatever fine piece of machinery is in the lot. Last week I pulled up and spotted a Ford Edge, which would have been my choice, however she offered me something even better!

Check out my 2010 Ford Mustang Sport Edition. It came loaded with Sirius radio. It also had Bluetooth and Microsoft Sync. So my car essentially became my phone when I was in it. "Dial John" dialed up John for me, and no headset or handset needed. The microphone was up by the mirror, and John's voice floated out of the speakers. Later on, as I was tooling down the road, the phone rang again. The radio automatically mutes and switches to phone mode. The display reads "Answer?" and you just hit the OK button. For the duration of the rental, my address book was resident in the car, and everytime I got in, it would sync to my blackberry phone. Totally AWESOME.

As fun as it was to drive, it's not a practical car. Miniscule backseat, trunk difficult to load and unload. Wonder what I'll be driving tomorrow!