Thursday, October 22, 2009

Holly Anne Leap

I'd like to introduce Miss Holly Anne Leap. We've been waiting so long for you Holly! Holly, Mama Karol, and Daddy Andy are home from the hospital and everyone is recovering.(Including Papa John and Nana.)

She has reddish gold hair and it looks as though she may have blue eyes.

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Marjie Ruth said...

Congratulations, Nana Liz!! Your newest grandchild is absolutely beautiful. Saw all the pictures on her web site. Hope all is going well now that Mama & Baby are home. We're very much looking forward to seeing everyone in December and really appreciate the fact that you are all willing to make the long trip. Dad is really thrilled.
Also enjoyed seeing you drive your pony & cart. Looks like fun & you seem to have a real knack for it.
Love to all, Marjie