Saturday, October 3, 2009

View From the Back of a Pony

Friday afternoon when I got home from work I hitched Sadie up and went for a ride. We went all around the little neighborhoods near our house. It's a very pleasant ride. Afterwards, she really enjoys the grooming session--it must feel really good, because she practically falls asleep.

Saturday, we hitched her up again and checked out a couple of yard sales. I scored big! I got a bathtub for Holly, stacks of baby washcloths, towels, bibs, and recieving blankets. A box of baby toys, and assorted teethers. We also found a bunny step-stool, and some pegboards for John to put together to hang hats on.

After we got home, we hopped in the truck and headed for Greensboro. We had a glider rocker to pick up, and we also stopped in at the farmers market and got some fresh fruits and veggies. Tonight we had fresh mashed potatoes -- man were they good.

I also collected 24 eggs today. The Auracanas have started laying, so we have pretty blue-green eggs to go with the brown ones the Rhode Island Reds have been giving us. Egg production is up again. We have 9 dozen in the barn fridge.

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