Sunday, November 1, 2009

Look Everybody - My Diaper Bag is Ready!

Nana finally got busy and finished my new diaper bag. She's been working on it a long time and I thought she'd never get it done.

Sunday night she picked up the crochet needle and got to work. She had two rows left, handles and the trim. Now her wrists are tired and sore. She says she's going to put some dividers in it so Mommy can organize my stuff, but it will have to wait a while.

Mommy picked out all the colors for it after she found out I was going to be a girl.

Here I am modeling it. Nana wrapped me up in the pink flowered blanket she got me and tucked me into it for these pictures. I thought it was pretty boring, but I posed for the pictures anyway.

In two days I will be two weeks old. I am pretty much in charge around the house. I sleep whenever I want. Mommy feeds me whenever I am hungry. Nana and Papa John change my diapers whenever I make special presents in there for them. I am waiting for my Daddy to give me a real bath. Mommy and Nana have given me sponge baths, but I know he's going to give me a real bath in my tub when my belly button is all fixed up. It's going to be fun.

My room is all fixed up with lots of pink, but I am spending most of my time hanging out with Mommy on the couch. I have a cozy place to nap, and a place where everyone takes me to change my diapers. I have a bouncy seat that I sit in to watch Nana working in the kitchen.

Everybody is always kissing and hugging me--but I guess I'm just too cute to resist!

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