Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Post

Since I am off the rest of the week for Thanksgiving, seems like a good time to do a little catching up. Mid November we went to Arigato - Andy's pick for birthday dinner. It was so good. Holly enjoyed the meal from her butterfly sling, which was made for her by her Auntie Kendra. She slept through most of the meal in cozy comfort.

We've had a bit of indian summer, but with cooler weather has come prodigious rainfall. We do need the rain, but it makes the goats miserable. Since they do not like to be wet, they have spent much of the last couple of weeks cowering inside barn. Many of our pastures where goats and pony reside are incredibly muddy. This year, instead of struggling with unlined dairy boots (not meant for any kind of terrain but cement floor) and crocs, I bit the bullet and purchased myself a pair of work boots. Of course since I am now a horse owner, I had to get something will a little cowgirl style. My Ariat FatBaby boots are probably one of my best footwear purchases ever. I did buy a half size larger than I need, so that I could wear thick socks in the winter. Since I started wearing them on the farm, and went back to my Danskos for the work day, all my foot issues have resolved themselves. They are wonderful boots and I recommend them to everyone. I am thinking down the road that I will get myself a "dress pair" for wearing off the farm.

Time to go pick up a baby Holly Anne. More later.....

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DeepGroov said...

Sounds like everybody is doing great. Best to all.