Thursday, December 24, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Last week we headed south to attend Papa Paul's 90th birthday celebration. While we were there, we also celebrated Holly's baptism. Papa Paul officiated and the ceremony was held in the little chapel at Westminster Shores. Many of the residents attended and there was a full house. While we were away, Winston-Salem got smacked with a major storm. They actually had to get snow plows out, and this is what is currently seen in many parking lots. There is still about 4 inches on the ground, and it looks so pretty. I was hoping to make a big snowman in the front yard, but the snow had seen a little melting and refreezing, and so was a solid crust. Glad I did not plop down to try and make a snow angel. I would have injured myself!

Here is Papa Paul holding his Great-granddaughter. She was such a good girl for the entire trip. She slept in her car seat for most of the drive, and at night she slept cozy in her little moses basket.

When we got home, we noticed that she was a little bit grumpy, and now has all the signs of having a little cold. What a cute little stuffy nose! We are hoping she feels a little better tomorrow for Christmas day!

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