Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Horseshoes - The Dilemma

We don't really like the fact that our horse needs steel shoes on all four hooves. And she must have some protection and traction because she is on pavement 99% of the time.

There have been a few issues with the shoes coming loose, and I am told that steel shoes in the winter are very difficult to care for. So -- not looking forward to that.

Our farrier suggested we consider hoof boots, and in fact recommended we carry at least one for when she might throw a shoe while on the road. When we started doing the research, we found they could be used as a replacement for steel shoes. We are very excited and have found a farrier/PBHT expert that came out to help us get her fitted. Our shoes are on order for our "petite" hoofed pony, and we can hardly wait until they arrive.

Check out the web site for Nature's Path - any of you farmer friends who read my blog - I have Rebecca's card to pass along if you are interested.

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