Monday, January 18, 2010

Barn Work - AND Check Out Our New Tack Room

We've been busy cleaning out the barn in preparation for spring kidding. This means endless barrels of soiled and rotting hay. Basically the method is simple. Using a pitchfork and shovel, fill 4 barrels. Use the tractor to move the full barrels out to the pasture and dump them. Bring back the empty barrels and repeat. We started this cleanout a couple of weeks ago, and finally! We are seeing FLOOR! I don't have pictures -- it's messy, yukky work. No cameras allowed.

We did accomplish some other things this weekend. John and I spent an afternoon straightening the big barn. The motor home had been moved out for a 4 H meeting, so it was a good opportunity to sweep out the floor. We straightened one of the bays and turned it into a tack/feed room. There is a light hung. We have hooks for harnesses, headstalls, halters. leads. We have storage for treats and feed. It currently has 3 walls and we are thinking about putting in the fourth wall and a door. Have to wait and see how it goes.

Take note of the little heater!

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