Sunday, April 4, 2010

Projects and other good stuff.....

We are finally getting around to a major project. Our house is cedar, and was originally stained a cedar color. We were not really sure when it was done last, but the existing stain was nothing more than dust by the time this spring rolled around. So we had it pressure washed, and Monday the new stain is going on. Here is a closeup of one of the boards. It actually looks so pretty. We are going with the same cedar color. This is a big load off my mind, because there were places where the previous stain had washed off, and the exposed wood was starting to weather.

The next big project is having the a/c repaired. We are are starting to get some warm weather so this is going to be a pressing need shortly.

Here's something interesting. A good friend of ours gave us some natural loofahs. I need to find out more about them, John says she grows them? But they are absolutely fabulous. When you get them wet they are just right for use with goats milk soap. Seems like they are better than the little polyester scrubbies.

We also put up the last of the internal fencing. So we have an isolated "family" yard, that no critters can come into unless invited in. We were able to take off the swing gate at the bottom of the porch stairs. The little dogs can now go out and run down to potty without worrying about dealing with Daisy opening the gate.

Next project: back porch roof!

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Cindy Keiger said...

As always, you guys are BUSY!! Sounds like you have enough projects to last well into summer. Little Holly is a doll - and now she has a pony. Good for her :-)